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How is the idle adjusted on on a fuel-injected bike? Specifically, I have an S4 and it's idling a little low. (I removed the emissions cannister and plugged the holes in the throttle bodies with screws--I hope this isn't related.)


you know about the lever on the left handle bar right? I didnt have any idea what it was for so I never touched it. Yes I am serious, and yes you can make fun of me. :-*
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The throttle bodies on the S4's are different from the air-cooled bikes.

Notice the cracked yellow paint on mine. I've tampered with my emissions system :p The FBI is probably stalking me right now...

It's an 8mm hex. If you go to Sears, you can get a set of Combination Ignition wrenches. They're nice and small, good for situations like this where access is difficult.

Idle seems to be happy at 1000 - 1200 rpm.
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