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Brad got a '07 S2R for his lovely wife back in January. Since he's been touring, it just came in for the 600 miles service and Termi install. Since he is back in love with Ducati, he opted to get an S4Rs for himself. We swapped body work between a black/silver bike and a red/white bike. So he has a red tank, black frame S4rs with full termi system. He is thinking of getting our last 695 for his 16 year old son.

They are good people, down to earth. We don't make a bid deal when they stop by or draw attention to them. He likes to ride so keep your eyes open. If you see a different looking S4Rs out there, its him. He rides well and love the sound and power that is Ducati.

He swings by often when he's in town, but he isn't in town much.

His wife is originally from Charlotte, that is why he lives here now.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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