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I am hopefully moving to Sweden come May 2004. I have a M800Dark and want to take it with me there. I have no idea where to start... but I do have questions.

1) Is it worth it? I paid $7000 new (w/o tax and title) for it. How much roughly does a Monster in Europe cost? If it's more cost effective to just buy one (in Sweden or anywhere in Europe) than to ship it, pay whatever duties, etc, then I may just sell it.

2) What do I need to do to get it there? Is there a special license or registration? I have my endorsement, but knowing European driving standards, I imagine that I'll have to retake some test or pay out the ass for it.

3) Has anyone every done this? If so, what hurdles are there? How is the maintanence cost and all that jazz? Any clubs there? (Dumb question being that it's European motorcycle, but...)

4) If I can't ship it (for whatever reason), how much would it sell for? I'm hoping to not sink too much into it. My M800Dark will probably have about 6K miles in May (currently 3K).

5) Where's the nearest Ducati dealer in southern Sweden (Malmo - Skane) near Copenhagen?

6) What's the best way to get over separation anxiety?!

Thanks for any help on the matter. I really want my Monster with me. Of course, I'll be going there without a job, minimal Swedish (but with a residence permit). I only have so much in savings and if it's a choice between a place to live or riding my Monster... well, damn.


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Re: I want my Monster w/ me in Europe...

If I recall correctly, Sweeden has really stricked bike rules whne it comes to emissions and importing. You may want to consider selling your Monster and just replacing it. Just consider what you will pay for S&H on the old bike and what you can get for it here before you do anything. Even if the bike there costs a bit more, the S&H will most likely make the selling and rebuying cheaper. And the paper work much easier. In the long run you will probably be happy you sold it. After all, there is nothing like that new bike feel.

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Re: I want my Monster w/ me in Europe...

Monsterme - welcome to the board, and note this is probably one of the only questions I can help with because I did it myself. I shipped my bike (direct flight) from Toronto to Dublin and have looked at importing the same S4 (US Reg) into Sweden.

You didnt state where you live - but shipping will be impacted by your current location - if you live in or around NYC, or a major Canadian airport I think you are better off as far as the shipping costs go.

1 - Worth it? For me it was - for a friend it wasn't. I shipped an S4 that I owned for a month. The bath I would have taken on depreciation outweighed the costs - especially since my company paid for the shipping (suckers). Said friend shipped (by sea mind you) a 600 Dark from Colorado. I think mine cost 1,200 direct flight (got the bike next day immaculate shape) - sea took friend about 4-5 months (they say it could take 3) and cost a few hundred bucks less. For me it made sense to ship - for her it did not. The other thing you need to look at is the exchange rate fluctuation. The Euro price of bikes (which is a little more than 1:1 in Ireland) means that I would have to pay about $15,900 equiv for the same S4 I paid $12K for (this is bike prices in 2002 when they still made the S4.) Current price on the Duc Dublin site is 10,285 EUR for a 750 Dark = approx $12,000. Based on what I know about sweden - Ducs can be even more there - and I believe many buy imports or buy them from Germany. So another thought would be import your bike to Sweden (I found a rate of $700 direct flight from NY to Germany on the net) and sell the bike there when you leave. The cost to get it over there could be offset - if you sell it.

2 - Liscense and Reg - I know that you can drive in Sweden on a US drivers liscense for a year. I am not sure how long you were going to live there. The international drivers liscense (that AAA can give you) doesn't do shiaaat for you for most things. Again, since I don't know how long you are going to be over there for - you can probably register the bike as a temporary import (like you are a tourist just hanging in Sverige for a few months) and keep your us plates, registration, not pay import taxes etc - IF you are there for around a year. I am doing the same in ireland now for a year and a few months, but don't tell any one. But you are gonna have to do some searching on the web and contact the swedish embassy in the states - they can help with info. The Swedish liscense is extremely hard to get and can cost thousands - so if you can avoid it or get your license in a reciprocal country,(like Ireland) do that. I don't know much about Swedish restrictions and laws but am try to figure some stuff out myself as I plan on moving there in July.

3 - Maint costs, should only be a bit more due to the fact that the SEK is stronger than USD (an probably will remain relatively stronger until things settle). Besides that, everything costs more there. As far as clubs - Svensh DucatiClubben on the web [ftp][/ftp]www.ducceklubben.org/[ftp][/ftp] - has some useful links, but it is in swedish. They seem to be good sized and have representation across the country. I know there are some members in Skane, and their contact details are on the site if you want to ask them.

4 - don't know my friend.

5 - Again, check out the svensk ducati clubben.

6 - Seperation anxiety? Think about how great, smooth and consistent most of the roads are over there. Think about how nice it will be to cruise around sweden and europe on your bike - or your freshly bought one. You won't seperate, and if you do, you will buy another one.

A few months ago, I contacted one of the guys on the swedish site I mentioned and he was beyond helpful. He was able to answer 3 reasonably difficult questions in relation to importing a bike withing a few hours through friends of his. That tells you how much bikes are imported there. If you own the bike for over a year - you probably won't have to pay import duty on it (only a few hundred registration fee) as I understand. And it seems that guys on that duc site mentioned can hook you up with a person to provide necessary inspection in the case that you have any aftermarket jammies. I would think that all US bikes meet Swedish restrictions - but that is just my understanding.

Here are a few other sites - the first site is the shipper and insurer I used and am using. I would highly recommend as they really know what there are doing/talking about. The second site I didn't even get a qoute from, but it doesn't hurt to check it out. The third site has some info that I read before trying to decide what to do - some of it is pretty old, but at least has peoples experiences and recommendations.
I hope I inserted the links correctly - otherwise, copy/paste.

Good luck and I hope this helps - it took me a long long time to figure some of this stuff out - and I am not sure I have 100% of the story even now.
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