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I still dont have a cool nickname.....

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you people suck. Just because I was unoriginal and used my name when I signed up. W e got Nitro,Retro Monstergirl, Desmodiva(which I came up with) Monsta etc... those are all cool. Now I dont want you calling be dildo ranger or crustie undies or cow pie...
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Hey - I'm doing OK. Took the week off of work - so I havnt been checking in much. I was supposed to go around lk superior this past week - but wasnt feeling up to it. My wife & kid did go so I've had the house to myself. I've been working on some art work I've been ignoring for a while. I have very little pain now. BTW - my wife's family told me that a gal crashed in the same area I did - she's in (or was in) serious condition.

I wonder if crasher is taken - or crasher_666. :D
The bike was totalled and is now gone. Not sure what I'm getting next exactly. I dont really want a japanese bike - and prefer the "naked" bikes for both looks and ease of maintenance. I'm weighing the options at this point. I'd reeeallly like to get a MH900E - although it doesnt sound too functional - which is important to me. An older monster or an 900SS/CR would be cool too. I still have all winter - which in MN can be pretty long. I'll have to keep an eye open. Hell, I'd even possibly maybe get a nice brit cafe .. I'd like to stick with an air cooled bike with a very small amnt of plastic. I dont know - any ideas?
You're right I do. You can get a m900 basically new for a song and a dance since the m1000 came out - or that m1000 looks like a nice ride ... or that S4R looks nifty ... or maybe I could pick up a race bike and try my hand at racing .. or maybe I could buy an old brit cafe or pick up a MH ... or .. or .. there are way too many options.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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