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Besides my insanity, I need help with figuring out why my '02 Monster 750 keeps leaking gas out of the overflow vent hose. Here's the run down. I had an accident and the tank had to be replaced. The first dealer, the one that replaced it, kept screwing up. Ducati rep then suggested we finish the insurance work at a dealer 100 miles away. Ok, as long as it's done right. I told the new dealer what was needing to be finished and that I noticed the overflow vent hose was dripping gas. They checked it out and we all figured that I was just putting too much gas in.Well, after 9 months the bike was ready for pick up. :'( [smiley=angry.gif] On the way home I stopped for gas and noticed after filling it up( I let the pump stop itself) it was leaking again. I thought I was still filling it up too much. Just a few hours ago I filled up being careful not to put too much in and on the way home, a few minutes, ago I noticed a strong gas smell again. I figure after riding 30 miles the gas level in the tank should be low enough not to overflow.

What do you guys think it might be? If I can fix it myself, it will save me from riding that boring, straight highway again. I'm gonna call the dealer tomorrow to tell them. TIA Later, Dan

I'd bet that a hose came loose from your gas cap and is just wallowing around in the tank. You need to remove the cap (very small hex key), lift it out and see if two (2) hoses are attached. If not, it's time to go exploring. If they are attached to the cap, they could have come loose from the bottom, or they could have cracked (unlikely on a newer motorcycle).

I once had one of the internal hoses come off right as a I came off the race track. 110 Torco all over a very hot engine. Thought for sure I was about to do a Colin Edwards impersonation.
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