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I know I said NO MODS..........

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...But I had to order the sargent seat (my a$$ needs this) and a pair of cyclecat sliders from motostrano! AND this week the pipes are getting chopped as well [thumbsup]
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nobody can resist the sickness.

the sooner you accept your fate, the happier you will be.
None huh? The sliders, don't *really* count... seats a 'bolt on' mod, so that's like half a mod... But chopping up your pipes, yep you've caught a case of monsteritis - and your wallet won't be the same ever again.
well it cost me about $550 so it counts to me :police: [thumbsup]
mmmwwha ha ha >:D another victim

you're just getting started... I know, I said the same thing when I got mine! Next the devil that convinced you to core the cans will also insist you get an open air box and PCIII to go with it... and then you'll want some bling to show it off...
Oh, I remember your post re: keeping things stock. [laugh] We all knew it was only a matter of time!
Did the "sickness" start right about the time you got the itch to mod the CF tank protector? [thumbsup]

Embrace the illness, and take 2 tail chops, and call us in the morning. ;D
Welcome to the meeting, welcome. My name is ducrider45 and I am a mod-o-holic. [laugh]
I am barely hanging by a thread ... still minimal mods: 14T, and Frame Sliders only :-X
By the way, just figured out how to remove the reflectors last week :p
*shiver* ..I... try ... to stop but... *cough* it keeps callin' me... [laugh]
I actually blame you guys. I remember the first time I saw a Monster and thought "Wow what a perfect bike". After years of dreaming I finally got one that I thought was absolutely perfect in every way. Then I happened to find this site and saw what was possible. All of a sudden my bike was no longer a work of art but simply a piece of beautiful canvas. ;D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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