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I rode home from work and turn the bike off then went to re-start the bike but it was dead. When I hit the start button it made a slight click noise and the tach twitched. I left it alone for awhile then came back to it, totally dead like there was no battery.
Looks like the ignition switch is loose as it lights up if I jiggle the key just right BUT when I apply a load (turn on lights or try to start) it goes dead while making a click sound. SO I am guessing there is a short somewhere AND a loose ignition switch??

any ideas will help.
I am thinking the battery is okay because I put it on the trickle charge and got a green light within a few minutes.

You actualy have an open circuit, well almost - but it goes completely open when you try to pull any power throught it.
Quite typical with Italian switch gear - change the ignition switch.
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