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xsr71x said:
In court to prove everything they need the pilot the spotter and the cop on the ground in court on the same day. That is from an IL State Patrolmans mouth.. but as I learn moving around each state is different.

Not to steal your thread but say you are out riding with some others you just met. Only exchanged first names. You cruise to the outskirts of town and hit a barren stretch of 4 lane with two HIGH speed sweepers. You round the corner and jump on the throttle say get to 145-150 then when you round the last sweeper approaching a three way stop sign you look in your mirror to see the guy behind you. As you stop you see blue lights quickly approaching behind the last guy. He pulls to the side about 1000ft before the intersection and the cop stops behind him. I don't hesitate I have made my complete stop and proceed at a more reasonable speed. Of course I take side streets for the next 20 minutes. The second guy hesitated at the stop sign. What would you guys have done. Did I mention it was at 10:00 PM on an unlighted street? Just curious.
I'd've kept going. >:D
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