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I got bored this afternoon (More cheap mods)

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I've been going back and forth lately with my cans, most of the time I leave them on but sometimes I take them off. I like the look of the tail, swingarm and wheel better without the cans. I made a couple slash cut tips to give the cat a more finished look for when I run without the cans. I then painted the cat and tips with exhaust paint. I know there was someone else with the same mod, but I can't remember who.

I then removed the clear part of the fairing and painted the inside black. I never look through it anyway and I think it looks pretty good black.

Not bad for a $5 can of engine paint and 1/2 hour.


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a couple of the windscreen


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Bravo!!! >:D That works! [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Dude you are my hero. I wish I had half the 'just do it' you do. Did you use high temp rated paint (brand)? I assume you prepped the surface of the can/pipe?

Some people who do a similar mod actually have those tips welded to the udder. Looks great!
no mirrors?
I used a can of $5 Duplicolor Engine Enamel from Napa. I didn't really do a proper prep of the exhaust, I basically just wiped it off good. I occasionally scrape it pulling into certain driveways so I figured I'd be touching it up before long anyway. I don't want to weld the tips because I'll probably put the rest of the system back on before too long. At least until I figure out what I really want to do with the exhaust. A friend of mine has a pipe bender and a welder so I'm thinking about taking a stab at putting together some sort of homebrewed ex-box type exhaust. I'm thinking about a 2 into 1 into glasspack into 2, all under the engine. Something skimpy and loud. >:D Gotta get the PCIII first, I guess.

The mirrors are off right now. One broke due to a tip over, the other looked so damn ugly by its self I had to take it off. I haven't decided what to put back on yet. Probably barends though.
looks fantastic. i love the windscreen perfection and affordable
the windscreen looks fat with the black stripe and all...
Painten sie der exhaust klampen!

Looks gut!! [thumbsup]
Slotted the sprocket cover a while ago, but got bored and painted it. I don't even know if I like it, some guy at work does, I just figured what the hell.
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i LOVE cheap mods. i removed my mufflers not too long ago and have been running that way.. sounds cool but looks kinda unfinished. i just added 2 straight chrome tips but they are chrome and look sorta.. bad. im thinking about wrapping them in header tape, but then i would have to do the headers too. and then what about the cat?
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