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I have a 1998 Monster that is being put back together after a street sweeper backed into me. Now I decided to shell out a bunch of cash to customize my bike after the repairs paid by the insurence company. So far the tank and plastics went from metallic black to Ducati red, I added carbon fiber, clip ons, upgraded to the 2002 fairing, Diablo 180 tire, tail chop and a belly pan. My question is has anyone used the Ferracci ultra high pipes? I ordered a set to replace the stainless Duc Performance high cans. I want the pipes tucked high as possible. The shop I work with are a pain in the arse and they are used to the people writing them a check and say do what you think will work on my bike. So getting your questions answered is like a response from a brick wall. I hear the Ferraccis are made by Sil motor and I wanted to know if they tuck up like the Sils and are they as loud. I wanna piss off the fart barking Harley riders. I am also debating high comp pistons and flat slide carbs as well.
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