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How to protect the finish of my plastic monster tank

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I posted this question on another thread and was suggested to start a new thread to get more attention, so here I am:

My Monster 1000 2006 plastic tank, even if almost new, is already showing some alteration. The finish is not shinning anymore on the area where the legs are touching the tank. On my previous bike, the metallic tank was not doing this. And it is not about having a zipper scratching the tank...

So are you guys experiencing the same thing? Is there something I can apply to the tank to protect it or get back its nice finish?

thanks for any advice.
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Im getting the same thing on my tank. (s2r 1k) But mine is mostly from my jacket. the bottom of it where it zips together is a little rough. I had a friend just "clear bra" his tank. He loves it and swears by it. No more scratches on his tank and you cant even tell its on there unless you are looking for it. I think it looks good. Im contemplating on doing the same...
The DML store has a clear vinyl protector kit for the knee cutouts. That will protect it. The scratches there now can be polished out.
The kit is not as glossy as the clear coat.

I have the TankSlapper and it works fine.
Relatively easy to put on...
note on the tankslapper...
there's 2 kinds
a regular one that clings to the tank, and a thicker one that sticks on.
Do you recommend one type over the other and why?
I've had my tankslapper on for about a year now, (not the 3M one) and love it. It's simple to put on and you can't even tell it's there. You have to look really, really close to even see it. When i wax my bike i just wax over it too. Buy it from the DML, slap it on, and never worry about it.
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