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(from Michael...DML Webmaster)

The easiest way is to open up a couple of browsers, starting the message you want to paste the pictures into. In the other browser, go to the Photo Gallery, select the upload link at the upper right, fill in the information on the form, being sure to select the correct section for *each* photo you're posting, and browse to the place on your computer that has the photos. The system will take care of resizing them, but it saves time to size them down beforehand if you can manage it.
Then when the confirmation page shows your uploaded photo, right click on the image and select properties. Copy the web address of the photo (ctrl-C) and switch to the other browser, click the image button (second row, fourth from the left) and paste in the link to the image between the {image} tags.

Easy, huh? OK, so it isn't really, but at least the price is right!
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