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There are two ways to post pics. Ok, well it's three. Kinda. ;)

(1) Link to a picture. You can either

(a) link to a picture hosted elsewhere; or
(b) you can upload a picture to the DML and then link to it.
The best option IMO.

There are FAQs that explain how to upload a picture on the new software and the old software and how to link to that photo or to a photo hosted eslewhere. Both use the [ i m g] function. When you're posting, if you look up, you'll see this
button. It'll also insert the [ i m g] for you if you're too lazy to type it out yourself. [cheeky]

  • Upsides to (a) -- it is fast and you don't have to worry about photo size.
  • Downside to (a) -- as soon as it is no longer hosted somewhere else, it disappears from the DML. I've posted photos to tinypic.com and then linked to them only have them disappear after a while.
  • Upsides to (b) -- you can post up much larger pics (I think), the pics aren't deleted after a couple of months, you aren't limited to a certain number of pics in single post, and you can work the pics into the the post.
  • Downside to (b) -- is that it takes longer to do. (b) is the best option. It take a longer, but this way your pics don't disappear and people can learn from them down the road.
(2) Attach a picture to your post.

How to -- Before you submit your post, click the Additional Options button at the bottom of your post. It will give you the opportunity to attach one photo. If you want to do more than one, click on "more attachments" right next to the dialogue box and it will allow you to post another pic. Repeat for more pics.
  • Upside to (2) -- it is easy to do once you've downsized the photos.
  • Downsides to (2) -- the pics are deleted after a while (there is a finite storage for attached pics on the DML), you can only attach 4 pics max with a max of 256K (I think) for all four. Pic quality suffers. And the pics are only at the bottom of a post.

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Can figure out why your uploaded pics are too small? 

Check the url.  Remove the "_tn".  Or is it "tn_".   Whatever--get rid of that little bit from the link and your pics will be normal-sized.

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Uploading Pics To The DML And Posting Those Pics

First Time Uploading? Create A Photo Album

Before you can upload photos, you first need to create at least one photo album for yourself. After that, you can create multiple folder for different things, like Ride Pics, Event Pics, or anything your want. So, how do you create your first album?

  • Log onto the DML.
  • Go to the Photo Gallery. Click the [Gallery Home] link under the PhotoGallery section near the bottom of the left column.
  • Go to your photos. Click the [My gallery] button in the menu at the top right.
  • Click the [Create / order my albums] link.
  • Hit the [New] button.
  • Type a name for your album into the box at the bottom. Don't worry, you can edit it later, change its name or delete it entirely.
  • Click the [apply modifications] button (and click [OK] on the confirm popup then the [continue] link on the next page).
How To Upload Pictures To The DML

  • Start in the Photo Gallery.
  • Click the [Upload file] button in the menu at the top right. You can upload images stored on your computer or links for images available elsewhere.
  • Use the [Choose File] buttons to select up to 5 images you've got stored on your computer, or enter the urls for up to three images available on the net somewhere. The image files need to be no larger than 1024k, I don't know why but the url/uri option doesn't work for my flickr.com images, I just download them locally then use the file upload option.
  • When you're done, hit the [CONTINUE] button.
  • It should come back and tell you "x uploads were successful. Hit the [CONTINUE] button.
  • You now get offered the chance to choose which of your albums to put the image(s) into, give the image a title, add a description, and add some keywords*. Hit the [CONTINUE] button.
  • It should tell you it succeeded, and you get to hit the [CONTINUE] button one last time ;)
  • You should then be able to find your photo(s) by clicking the [My gallery] button in the menu at the top right, and selecting the album you loaded it into.
Note: Keywords are handy if you want people to be able to find your photo using the gallery search using words that aren't in the title or description- hit the search link at the top of the photogallery home and search for "avocado" (make sure you leave the Keywords checkbox checked) to find the test photo I uploaded to write these instructions.

Posting Uploaded Pictures

  • Find the image in your gallery.
  • Then follow the FAQ.


  • Find the image in your gallery.
  • Right click on the image (or control click for Mac users with single button mice).
  • You'll see a menu. You can also click on "Properties" and copy the url. If it has something like "Copy Image Address" or "Copy Image Location" (depending on which browser you use) - do that.
  • Go to the post you're writing.
  • Hit the [Insert Image] button. It's the second one from the left on the bottom row of square buttons above the row of smilies and looks like this
    . It will give you {img}{/img} tags only with square [] brackets instead of round {} brackets.
  • Paste the image address you got in between the brackets. It'd look something like {img}http://www.ducatimonster.org/gallery/albums/userpics/10309/normal_affogato.jpg{/img} only with square brackets.
  • Sizing problems? If you want your pic to be a bit larger, take out the 'normal_' from the url. If it has 'thumbnail_' or 'tn_' in the address and it looks really small, take that out of the address. That should help.
You're done! [thumbsup] [thumbsup]

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okay cool for the uploading... but how do we delete obsolete stuff...
take me through it slowly... I'm a bit of a pea brain with computers.

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