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This seminar will be the second in a series of "How to Fight Your Ticket". Through the series, you will learn the entire legal process from the initial stop, your options once you are cited, the discovery process, how to argue your case, and court presentation.

What: How to Fight Your Ticket, Part 2
When: November 2, 2006, Thursday night 7:15 PM - 9 PM
Location: Doc Wong's office, Active Life Medical-Chiropractic Center, 1391 Woodside Road, Redwood City, CA 94061
To Register: e-mail [email protected]

This seminar session will cover:

1) Once you receive your citation, then what?

2) Should I fight my citation?
a) Reasons for fighting or not.
b) Advantages/disadvantages
c) Should you handle your case yourself?

3) What are my options?
a) Arraignment
b) Trial by Declaration
c) Waiving Arraignment and going straight to Trial

4) What is "Discovery" and how does it work?

5) What if I need a continuance?

6) Demurrer??? What's that?

These seminars will be brought to you courtesy of the Law Offices of Scotty Storey (800) 264-4379 and Doc Wong

See you there!

Doc Wong and Scotty Storey
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