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Hi Guys , I have been asked to pass on how to set up your TPS and basic service of EFI without dealer MATHESIS unit,

Make sure airfilter is clean.

You need a good digital multimeter to set TPS ( Throttle position Sensor)
and a good set of Vacuum balancer guages or carbtune sticks.
7mm socket with extension and a lot of patience.

First set airbypass screws to 0 by screwing all the way in. Then unscrew Idle screw so Throttle injector butterflys are fully seated == no tickover.

On TPS Sensor switch is a connector with rubber boot , gently peel back rubber boot u will see 3 pins attach multimeter to central and 1 outer pin and set multimeter to 300mv range. (This is for S4 , on Other models voltage required is different)

The ideal voltage for S4 is 152mv this is the base position throttles completely closed. loosen the 7mm screwson TPS and gently turn it to set as near to 152mv , it is very difficult , tiny movements relate to big adjustments. Can be frustratin be slow and patient.

OK when set and retightend you have set the base level. now screw in the idle screw until the multimeter show s about 450mv for an S4, this is the idle voltage .

OK now remove multimeter and replace rubber boot.

Now attach balancer guages to the inlet stubbs using the 5mm plugs.
Fiddly job on rear cylinder be patient.

OK start bike and allow to warm up , now u can check the balance between the 2 cylinders and adjust as close as possible at tickover and about 5000rpm.

When balanced to your satisfaction , fine tune using airbypass screws ,

(ideally a gas tester Co2 meter is required ) I did it by feel and checking plugs.

finally fine tune tickover to suit. Remove guages , pipes etc replace 5mm brass plugs

When i did this my S4 was transformed and ran much better, tick over was clean and constant ,no stalling pickup and acceleration crisp.

Even my incredulous dealer remarked on how accurate it was set when he put the Mathesis on because he did not think it was possible.

Remember the voltages for other models and ECU units are different but the procedure is the same.
I will get a gas analyser and some technoresearch software, soon so I can do almost full diagnosis.

For very full details and tips get a copy of DESMO TIMES Manuals By LT Snyder , invaluable books for desmoquattro and desmodue.



I am reaching. I know Ducati has a the DDS system to interact with the newer bikes, but do you know if your technique modified could work on the newer Monsters? Thanks,

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