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How many lb's is the rear axle nut?

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My chain got all sloppy I need to adjust it I'm having a problem finding how many pounds of torque is suggested for the rear axle nut can anybody help?
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if its like mine, its 7000lbs.
first do not use the wrong socket. 12 points vs 6 p . this is a must or expect to strip everything
what worked for me was leverage. took three of us.
someone sitting on the bike to stop it from doing stoppies
one person just keep the socket on the nut. could they use a shorted walled nut
one person to work the six foot pipe with socket wrench jammed inside
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Thank u for the heads up. Time to go get some tools and fight this chain.
83 Nm +/- 5% so around 61-61.5 ft/lbs
They aren't quite as torque hungry as the SSA axle nuts.
I got an '09 696. Owners manual say's 72 Newts on the axle nuts, and 8 newton meters on the adjuster screws. After they are all greased. So it is a wet torque.
My 2013 Monster just needs the pinch bolts loose and then retightened. You don't mess with the axel nut at all. You will need a spanner wrench though.
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