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How fast will a S4R go?

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Has anybody out there experimented with top speed? I'm not sure if that's been discussed or if discussing it is a good idea. As no one here wants to encourage breaking the law, of course. But go ahead and tell us if you happen to have certain knowledge. Anybody want to try? My S4R that I've had for a week is a beast. I was wondering what it can do. For example, in 6th gear at 4,000 rpm I'm going 70 mph. I have not twisted the throttle to the max. Anybody know what I might expect if I were to? And what is the rev limit on a S4R? There's no indication of rev limit on the tach.
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151 for a 2006 S4R with 996 mille. If you have a testastretta version the claimed top speed is 161.

I have seen 155 indicated on several occasions. I can hit the rev limiter in 5th but never had enough open freeway to top it out in 6th. I have a 14 tooth front sprocket BTW. I haven't checked the speedo against the GPS at speeds above 100 but it reads pretty close at 80 mph. At 130 indicated my friends R1 will read 145 while side by side.
I saw 154 ish with a slight up hill on a bone stock with the 916 mill with about a 3 mile run in CT. Hard to look down traveling 2.5 miles a minute and the needle vibrates kinda fuzzy.. California has some good spots though
I think Randall's S4R goes 187 mph with a slight tail wind. ;D
Mother said:
Eleventy bil...
Beat me to it.....and I think the 187 was Randall's 620
Paper5tr3et7 said:
Beat me to it.....and I think the 187 was Randall's 620
it was 140
I'm pretty sure the rev limiter on an S4R is at 10k.

I'd believe a real 150 for an S4R.

To go 160 with the same aero package requires roughly a 20% power increase.
The data I've seen don't show that the Rs has anywhere near that much more HP than the R.
Hey, I'm into speed, & am not raining on anyone's parade, and even believe that there are places in the country where you can hit 150 plus without endangering anyone but yourself, but...

I got a ticket in Cali for doing 110mph on an empty freeway on a beautiful clear blue sky day. Had two mile site lines and maybe 3 cars per mile of road, 5 lanes in my direction, perfect just ground down concrete pavement. I was feeling good & just wicked it up.

The downside, a 100 plus ticket, is in a word, horrible. At least a $1,000 fine, loss of license for a month (at least), insurance premiums for who knows how many years at basically drunk driver rates, if you get another speeding ticket for ages you may have your license revoked. I just thought I would let you all know that there is a downside other than a faceplant. And if the LEO wants, they can write you for wreckless driving, which is vehicle impoundment & jail.

BTW, I was caught dead nuts on (I saw 120 on my BMW speedo, which is 9 percent fast, so I would say 110 was pretty spot on), I hired a lawyer, Mr. Sherman Ellison of Sherman Oaks CA (he works the whole state), and for the IMHO fair fee of $3,600, Sherman, with his 97 percent win rate, got my ticket DISMISSED. No fine, no record, no traffic school, no insurance premium increase, no probation. I did not attend the court date, so not sure his methods, but has nothing to do with how the vehicle stop goes down.

It was the afternoon I heard about the dismissal that I test rode the S4RS I really like.

I will not put myself in that possition with the law again. The downside is too great. Will I get it to 95? Most likely. But not break 100 in Cali.

The downsides I see are:

- the LEO crashes & burns catching me (read about that on another board)
- I kill an innocent driver
- I lose my license & look like an idiot to my kids, parents & employees.

Now get me a bike out in the badlands of Texas or Utah, with 10 mile sight distances & no other vehicles, I'd like to take a crack at 150 someday. Maybe.
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Hey SoCalrob, good post. You were smart to hire a lawyer. Your lesson in law will be in the back of my mind always. I was on a back road here in rural Michigan where there was at least a mile of sight and no driveways or sidestreets. Yes, there could have been deer but I did not encounter any. I took my bike up to 120 on the speedo without going full throttle. It seemed pretty effortless. Just wondering who has walked on the moon, so to speak. Thanks, guys, for your input.
Indicated 140 on a B road.

Stock gearing, not pushing to the limit.
Beyote, did you happen to look at the tach when you were doing 140? If so, what did it say? I went 120 and forgot to check the tach exactly. I just new I was not close to pinning it.
I did a 145 once ... throtle has a little bit more, I guess ...... don't even remember looking at the tachometer tho....
I ran at a recent track day event on my S4R. The track configuration included a 7/10 of a mile straight. I know that the 1000's were hitting over 170. They were not pulling me by much and I was at 9,500 rpm in 6th gear so I was between 150 & 160. The end of the straight had a 4 gear 110 mph left hander.
desmolvr said:
I ran at a recent track day event on my S4R.
Not telling anyone what to do either, but this is the right idea. Track days can completely change the way you look at going fast on the street..or not going fast. And they're insanely cheap comparitively speaking. Lots of good ones across the country that don't require safety-wiring and tire warmers if you just want to get out and learn what your bike can do without cops, traffic, gravel, etc. Great people too. Joe X

Cycle World achieved a 149 mph top speed on a new Monster S4RS, so if you want the scientific data there it is. Magazines almost always make a top speed run in opposing directions to cancel out any variables related to road grade, wind direction, etc.

160mph is out of the question on any production Monster as the aerodynamics and power isn't there. A BMW K1200R can hit 160mph, but it packs 20+ more hp than the Monster S4RS.

Some top speeds of other popular naked bikes:

-Triumph Speed Triple 142mph
-Aprilia Tuono 147mph
-MV Agusta Brutale 910R 148mph
-Suzuki SV1000S 147mph
-Yamaha FZ1 154mph
-Kawasaki Z1000 152mph
-Honda 919 142mph
-Moto Guzzi Griso 124mph
-KTM 950 SM 132mph
-Buell Ulysses 120mph
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I would assume Cycle World used a radar gun to establish top speed. I wonder if the Ducati S4R speedometer is accurate. That could be the reason someone may say they went 160 mph.
why does it matter? 100+ on a naked bike feels like 150+ :-\
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