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I have a monster... so no fairing to install something on...
And NO the device you are going to link to probably will not suffice. I use Android (Pixel 3xl) and I want to run both maps (better directions and integration with my stuff) and Waze passively for the better police, stalled cars, and debri alerts...
Maps needs decent power. Waze uses about 10 percent more. Waze is also much uses much more data.
I need to run both. Unless my phone says "Charging Rapidly" the battery level is going down while charging.
So I need a full power USB-C to USB-C solution. Google cannot find it.

I am going to build one.
It wont be as elegant as I wish I could buy. But I cannot find it online.

So I will hard wire a HP cigarette lighter type socket, and mate a HP USB-C charger to it. and then mate a USB-C to USB-C cable to it.

Then plug my phone in when I put it on the mount.

So show me yours. Please.
would you create and seal it end to end, hide it (Where?? that is the main question!) and just have a small wire up near the bars?
Install the lighter receptacle somewhere (it has a rubber cover) and plug the rest in each time? Where?

I believe there is a place hidden somewhere to get 12v power from already. Not interested. I have read conflicting reports on the power it can provide.

If the 2 large parts here are fused and sealed can they be hidden?

I am sure you know what a power cord looks like so I will skip that. Here are the parts on the way.


Amazon.com: YCIND 3/8" Ring Eyelet Terminal to Female Cigarette Lighter Socket Battery Boost Cable Heavy Duty 30A Fuse 12V/24V 12AWG Cord 6Ft

Thanks in advance
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