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How do you pay for your Monster?

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i'm sitting here at work, just curious... what do you fella's do anyways?

i work as a design engineer, building custom respiratory circuits. a respiratory circuit is what christopher reeve has sticking out his throat, the tubes look like they came from that wacky 80's game "Tuba-Ruba". i've been spending half this year traveling to california for training.

originally, i wanted to be a rockstar. but i got frustrated when i couldn't rock out like eric johnson. so now i do this!
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I'm in the same boat as Mark. I work for the Dupage County Highway Department, or D.O.T as many would like to say. I have been there for 7 years and I too break and repair roads, cut grass, concrete work, plow snow/lay salt. The highlight of my job though, is all the great machines I get to operate. I have said that in our line of work, we are every little kids hero. We drive big dump trucks, use back hoes, front end loaders, dozers, etc. My favorite is operating the gradall and the cat crawler. The gradall is a machine that has a telescopic digging boom on a moving chassis. Has 2 cabs, one drivers cab and a seperate to operate the digging cab. The cat crawler is basically a dozer, with a bucket not a cutting blade. I basically use that during the winter to put salt in the domes (we have 2). You need a machine like that to get as much in there as possible, you can climb pretty high in one, it's fun. Other than that, nothing special about my job other than the paid sun tanning during the summer. 8)
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Ron, if I hit a parking block, I wouldn't even feel it! If we hit a curb, we end up taking a chuck out. Then you feel it...lol.
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