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How do you pay for your Monster?

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i'm sitting here at work, just curious... what do you fella's do anyways?

i work as a design engineer, building custom respiratory circuits. a respiratory circuit is what christopher reeve has sticking out his throat, the tubes look like they came from that wacky 80's game "Tuba-Ruba". i've been spending half this year traveling to california for training.

originally, i wanted to be a rockstar. but i got frustrated when i couldn't rock out like eric johnson. so now i do this!
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I actually just moved here this past July from Florida. I was an engineer, a civilian, working for the Air Force. I flight-tested fighter aircraft, did a lot of computer modeling, and tested developmental weapons systems. Basically, all the stuff you saw on CNN during Afghanistan and Iraq went through my office, we tested, and put out into the field. Now, I'm teaching Physics and Math at a prep school, grades 9-12. Thought I'd bring some real world experience into the classroom for a year. I'm actually starting to look for a new job once this school year is over, hopefully a career change into the business world, markets/finance, something along those lines...

I've been swamped here, so I haven't actually posted much lately. Need to get rid of that "newbie" moniker!
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