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I recently installed a factory jet kit in my 01 M750. I went with a very conservative increase in main jet size, needle clips in position1, bmc fliter w/o snorkels. I ran into trouble when trying to adjust the float height. As a result I have been running rich and fouling plugs (it took about 1.5 weeks of riding or ~250mi to foul one of the plugs)

My confusion centered around the following:
I was unable to determine an appropriate Point of Reference for my measurements.

I was having difficulty trying to visualize the method for measuring the current float height (before adjustment). It involved rotating the carbs until the float was "hanging free" then back slightly until it "touched".

The instructions specified a float height of 13mm; the FAQ on this site gave an example with similar dimensions but failed to mention the point of reference (w.r.t. the carb housing). Though it did point out the proper location on the float from which to measure.

My symptoms include: Good cold starting and idling. Bad hot-starting (turns over and over before it lethargically comes to life)
While riding with engine warm, letting it drop to idle for ~5sec I get a very soggy slump (nearly stall) before it returns to normal idle rpm.
Some occasional backfiring under hard acceleration.

Although I have some experience with carbs from previous bikes, and a general grasp of carburetor theory, I do not want to use my typical

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you angle the carbs until the needle gently rests against the seat... now watch the plunger go in until it "stops" or rests against the spring pressure. you do this by angling the carbs. then you measure highest point of float to the flat surface of carb.

link to image of this for FCR carb from my "inside the FCR" page.

:) chris
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