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I feel like a complete moron and I am trying to download pic's for our new backrest/luggage system and I cannot reach Higgie to help me.


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New update!
you can use the DML Photo Gallery to post your own avatar picture
(thanks to Sarah!)

To get your pic from the gallary to the board, you right click on the pic
(before you click on it to open it up larger)and click properties. Next you
copy the URL name for the pic. For my picture in the member bikes gallary,
for example, the URL is
http://www.ducatimonster.org/ImageFolio3_files/gallery/DML_Member_Bikes/ tn_Monster41.JPG
Then you paste that into your profile section and click the box for having
your own pic. This should work. I couldn't get it to work if you open up
the picture from the gallary then click properties, you click properties
from the thumbnail.

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Go to the photo gallery.

Upper right corner is an "upload" button. Click it.

Select a category/folder to put your pics in. Gotta do that every time as it defaults to DML member bikes.

Type in a caption and keywords if you like, the click the "post my picture" button at the bottom.

Wait for it to upload. Repeat as necessary........

Check your picture size before sending, I think the limit is 500kB or so. If the pic is too big it'll hork on it. Resize your pic if necessary.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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