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Weather should be nice.

There are quite a few Ducati's in the Columbia MD to Baltimore area that have not gotten together.

There are some excellent very twisty roads around here. We can do a loop of Howard County, Carroll, and Baltimore County.

With a loop around local roads you can break off from the group whenever you choose and still be somewhat close to home. Total time for the loop is 1 1/2 hours.

How about it?????

Suggested loop:

Race road to Elkridge (by Speeds)
Lawyers hill to Montgomery
Montgomery to Landing
Landing to Ilchester
Ilchester to Beechwood
Beechwood to College
College to Newcut
Newcut To Montgomery
Montgomery to Old Columbia To Old town Ellicott City
River Road to South Hill Top
South Hill Top to 144
144 though Old Town to Rogers
Rogers to Old Frederick
to Davis to Woodstock
To Granite to Offutt Road
Offut to 26 to Marriottsville to Marriottsville 2
to Ridge
to 26 to Bartholow
to Klee Mill Rd to 32 to Georgia Ave
to Old Frederick
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