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Highway 101, Southern California

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I see a **** ton of monsters every time i go on that road from SD to Vista. Anyone on here?
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You prolly haven't found the Local Boards section, eh? Scroll down the main index. Keep goin'. Keep goin'. Past the Classifieds. Keep going. Voila!

SoCal Monsters

And you're right. There are **** ton of them. [laugh]
Cool! thanks.. and why did they change my post to exclude the highway number?
you have to say "The 101".... [cheeky]

(no idea really)
You know what? im completely stupid. I didnt write highway 101 in the post.. i wrote it in the title. I dont know why i decided to admit this to everyone. in fact i dont know why im still typing.

I have overactive sweatglands too.

and halitosis
gm2 said:
you have to say "The 101".... [cheeky]

(no idea really)
It's known as PCH. "The 101" doesn't start until "The OC" ;)
then why are there signs all over it in SD county that say "historic highway 101"?
That names is for squares daddy-o, you gotta know the right lingo if you wanna roll in Saint Diego :p
i love when you get into the LA area with people from the SD area and start trying to talk directions... PCH and the 101 are very different routes up here.. [laugh]
mylexicon said:
It's known as PCH. "The 101" doesn't start until "The OC" ;)
highway 1 is pch

(the) 101 isn't.
I know, it's kind of an inside joke to some long time San Diegans, like my aunt, who taught it to me. 1 and US 101 are both referred to as PCH to old Californians because in SD they were. But in San Diego they only have the U.S. 1 now so there's no confusion. The 101 was decommissioned in SD county and the OC, but for some stupid reason people in SD county never really caught on that the OC didn't have the 101 either. Hence, the 101 starts in the OC. Adding to the confusion, some towns like Del Mar and Solana Beach, where my aunt and parents live, they still have historic highway 101 plates (brown and white) hanging around on random sign poles.

But like gm 2 was saying, San Diegans can get away with that b/c they don't live in LA where the 1 and the 101 are about 10 miles apart,

If you google US Highway 101 and click a variety of links, you will be throughly confused. The first two links from "Guide to the Pacific Coast Highway", and "Wikipedia" offer conflicting info right off the bat. [laugh]

ah.....here's the decommissioning website

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The 101 starts in '****, Angelinos want you to believe otherwise.

The 101 in SD was known as the Coast road and the '2' before officially designated the '101' by the Federal Gov't in '25, at some point it was decomissioned in SD.

Historic 101
Calling it The 101? I hate that almost as much as folks saying "The El Camino" or even worse "The El Camino Ave."

Dude, you just said "The the avenue avenue."

yea, that's like saying "the la brea tar pits" the the tar tar pits? ???
Derby is right, the 101 is NOT the PCH highway 1 is. They interchange several times from the Oregon line to the Mexican border but are different highways.
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