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high-mount termis pre-install questions.

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After a nigh-interminable wait, my high-mount termis are on the way.

Planning to install them myself. For those that have experience in such matters, what am I in for? I've double checked and made sure I have the tools necessary to remove the stock pipes.

I'm assuming the high-mounts come with a bracket of some kind that attaches to the frame, that is what is what I am probably most uncertain of... as long as no welding is involved I should be good I hope...
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hmm so besides Hiero here I guess I'm the first one to put high-mount termis on my ride. Wow, I pwn all of you.
Allow ample time
Secure work area
Shake out all hardware and seperate like parts
Secure bike on paddock stand and remove seat
Unbolt stock rearsets (these get spacers for extra clearance)
Disassemble stock exhausts
Start install from the head back, (don't tighten anything yet)
Install hangers on cans before fitting to the S Pipes
Study the pic (on the intructions) of the rear hangar assembly and install
Reinstall rear sets w/ spacers
Allign Everything
Tighten every fastener
You will have extra parts
Job can be frustrating but not difficult.
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cool thanks for the tips Matt!

I just got them in fact today (finally!) and was quite surprised to see that they come with relatively complete instructions.

wish me luck all.
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