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O.k. I've had my Monster for a relatively short time. I got it in July '03. I love it but the only real problem I've had is it kind of hiccups from a stop when I roll the throttle ( regardless if it's an easy roll or I snap it). It would stall but I've learned to work with it. It only happens when the bike gets hot 200+. A couple of times it's just stalled out and it is real hard to restart. Also if i've been riding a while and shut it down and try to start it after it sat for 1/2 hour or less it is difficult to start. If I am at a red light and am in neutral and shift into gear it will occasionally stall then. This is always when hot. My local dealer told me it was the champion sparkplugs and I should upgrade to NGK . It is a 2002 with 4500mi on the ticker. Has this happened to any other 600-620 owners? I don't want to spend money of stuff I don't need. Any help is appreciated.
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I've never had stalling problems on my '02 620. The only time it stalls is if I start it from cold with not enough fast idle. 200+ degrees should not be a problem. In the summer, I've even gotten up to 300 stuck in tunnel traffic.
I've never had problems like that with my 620 either. My bike feels good when it is 220 or so, I think it like to run there. I just bought an oil cooler for it, so the temps will be lower next riding season. Diffidently no hiccups though, at any temperature.
Spark plugs is the wrong answer. Mine is sometimes a little tough to start when hot as well. It's been richened up a bit, so it's not stock. Blipping the throttle when turning it over usually works, just like a carb bike. (The book says that no throttle is required and the FI will handle the details, but it doesn't seem to work that way.)

Usually happens when I try to restart right after shutting it down.

I had some of the same issues with my 800. Got it in July. When I took it in for the 6000 mile service I just asked them to increase the warm idle speed a bit. It's only stalled once or twice since and it wasn't all the way warmed up at the time. As far as the hiccuping I noticed it a bit in the first 1000 miles or so but it only happened between 2500 and 3500 RPMs.

Is it fuel injected or carbed? Either way a simple idle adjustment should take care of the stalling. For the hard starting I haven't a clue ???. I give it just a little choke and that seems to help sometimes...
Reading your post made me think about another topic I read in the "Tech" section of this board a while ago. Although it doesn't sound to be the exact same problem, that thread has a lot of diagnostic info that might help you. Here's the link, and good luck:

mine did that all the time when it was hot until I installed a k/n air filter and slip-ons. Now it starts like a dream every time and no more choke!
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