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Hi From a Newbie!  And, an Emissions question

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Long time owner of European cars (German and Italian), and Japanese sports bikes, first time (soon) owner of a Ducati!

I recently bought a 2000 M900i.e. I am in the process of getting it shipped to me, so I have my fingers crossed.

I'm glad I found this site, looks like THE place to be for Monster owners. I spent many, many hours reading the past threads!

Here's an easy question to start: Is a 2000 Monster a 50 state bike, or is there a separate California version? If it is 49 state, is there going to be a problem registering a 49 state bike in California?!? :-[

I don't plan on doing many mods yet (it already has pipes and a PCII), although I think the tail is not going to last 24 hours! I'm definately part of the "Off With the Tail" crowd!

Thanks, and you'll be seeing lots of me!
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Re: Hi From a Newbie!

All standard monsters sold in the US are ok for Cali. I think that is the only reason the canisters are on the bike.

I think it gets confusing when you start talking about other ducs - like a 998R and such and such which I think are restricted from state to state or the whole US (except for track use) - but I digress because I have no idea.

Anyway congrats on the purchase - I think you will be one happy camper. ;D
Re: Hi From a Newbie!

Wait - what about a 400 - are they just being sold in Japan?
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