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Hi From a Newbie!  And, an Emissions question

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Long time owner of European cars (German and Italian), and Japanese sports bikes, first time (soon) owner of a Ducati!

I recently bought a 2000 M900i.e. I am in the process of getting it shipped to me, so I have my fingers crossed.

I'm glad I found this site, looks like THE place to be for Monster owners. I spent many, many hours reading the past threads!

Here's an easy question to start: Is a 2000 Monster a 50 state bike, or is there a separate California version? If it is 49 state, is there going to be a problem registering a 49 state bike in California?!? :-[

I don't plan on doing many mods yet (it already has pipes and a PCII), although I think the tail is not going to last 24 hours! I'm definately part of the "Off With the Tail" crowd!

Thanks, and you'll be seeing lots of me!
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Re: Hi From a Newbie!  And, an Emissions ques

Hey, welcome to the club!

I have the same bike... as far as I know, they all adhere to the california emissions requirements... i had to remove the carbon cannister even though I'm in New Jersey.

I got mine in June and it was totally stock... I've done a bunch of mods already. Once you start, you can't stop...

...and chop that tail!!!

Good luck with your Monster!
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Re: Hi From a Newbie!  And, an Emissions ques

Sure, I'll take a look in the morning and let you know.

I've done all the work myself also... to tell you the truth, I'm having as much fun doing that as actually riding. I'm by no means a master mechanic, but with the help of this board and some other really good resources on the web (ducatisuite.com, ducatipipemod.com, ducatitech.com, to name a few) I've managed to do quite a bit without totally destroying anything in the process.

Most of the aftermarket stuff (especially Italian made) comes with little or no instructions. The exception to that is Cycle Cat... very thorough instructions accompanied by high quality parts.
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