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Hi Batt message, error, and overcharging

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Hey everyone,

trying to figure out what is going on with my father in law’s 2013 monster 696. I took it for a ride and saw that over a certain RPM (around 2,000) the gauge display starts acting pretty crazy. None of the lights work on the display, the turn signals don’t work, headlight doesn’t work, neutral light doesn’t work, and the speedometer stops also. Below 2,000 rpm everything seems to work normally while the bike is stationary. As soon as you raise the idle or twist the throttle to bring up the RPM’s all these symptoms happen.

we thought it might be a battery, as it’s the original one from when he bought the bike. I replaced it this evening and was watching the volts on the display as we revved the engine. As soon as any gas was applied, I watched the battery voltage go from 13.5 at idle to ~15 and over, then a “hi Batt” message. On the next screen we also saw a “batt error” message.

maybe voltage regulator?

all dealers are booked 2 months in advance. Any advice here? Much appreciated.
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Should certainly not go beyond 15V
I would order a new regulator.
Yep regulators go bad fairly often as they get hot and don't get the best ventilation on the bike.
Problem fixed. New regulator solved the problem. Thanks for the help you two guys :)
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