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Hey guys,

I haven't been too active on here since I moved to So Cal in 2007 but I've got a little bit more free time now and am back commuting on a Monster (S4R) so I figured I'd make myself known.

I'm in the Temecula area, work in wine country for now, but you'll find me riding just about everywhere.

I do have a favor to ask of you guys. Desmotimes is down due to a deployment so I can't get a copy of LT Snyder's book and I'm coming up on a valve job. Does anyone have a copy that I might borrow for now to knock this one out or a link to purchase one, preferably from somewhere where he'll get compensation?

Hope to see you all at some point. Let me know if you ever stop in at Doffo, I'll see if I can steal myself away from work to hang out for a bit.

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