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Hi guys,

New on here and looking for some advice from wise heads.

Out looking for a new bike and was almost sold on a new Bonneville - until I spotted a 12 year old M900 in mint condition (12000 miles on clock) available for a VERY reasonable price.

Speaking to the very informative sales guy the lowdown is -

All original and fully serviced. The dealer will carry out full service and change belts prior to sale as part of the deal.

No corrosion visible, 2 new tyres, no oil on the outside of the bike, no fork pitting, little brake disc wear, new chain etc - generally very good example.

Apart from usual precautions when buying an older bike is there anything I should be looking for specific to this bike?

The dealer is workshopping the bike this week to take care of the service / belts and I'll take it out for test ride next weekend. Have the backup of a 3 month warranty for some peace of mind.

Can't wait - fell for the bike as soon as I saw it. Here's hoping it's everything it appears to be.


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