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I wish I could like the color options of the S4Rs, and get over the radiator. That was sooooo much fun to ride! ;D Very cool that we got to demo on the track, wish they would have had the new superbike there though. Is anyone else nearly as impatient as I am to see what they have done with those? Less than a week before we finally get to see :D I really want to get my new bike, but before I go spending tons of money again I want to make certain I will like everything about it. The 749 was a lesson learned.

NAKID said:
Just remember, you'd be getting some money for the 620 if you decide to sell it...
I wouldn't trade in the lil' Monster, I wouldn't get much for it and it doesn't really cost me anything to keep it around. Kind of nice to have it as a back up.

Even something like this isn't completely out of the question yet. :-X Would I get to keep any cool points as long as I wear the the Duc leathers? [laugh]

Edit: they have posted the 1098 up on ducati.com!! I have to go peek at it :D


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