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Since I can't sell my monster and buy a race bike how much work will I need to do to make it WERA legal and be somewhat competative?

I know I need the belly Pan ...where do I find one?

What about the SS racebody????

I have the clip-ons.. The rearsets aren't neccesarry because the header will drag first.....

need a steering damper....\

What is best front end suspension change and I know everyone is gonna say ohlins rear....can I get by on the stock suspension parts? maybe just rework the front forks or heavier oil?

Please help... I would liike to get this stuff done ASAp

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You can run a ducati 750 (SS or Monster) in clubman and be somewhat competitive under superstock rules, ie no valvework or bigbore kits. You can also run lightweight twins but the SV's will stomp you. You NEED rearsets and to get your cans up or you WILL highside yourself. You can get bellypans from farracci or ducati. Have your suspension redone or replaced, can replace rear and revalve front for wera superstock. For safety wiring requirements or anything else go to wera.com and rtfrb.
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