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If you like the full back story, see thread: Lack of power at WOT

So, I have a 2001 M600 with a nice exhaust on it. The guy that sold it to me told me it had a 'stage 3 jet kit' but couldn't tell me any more about jet sizes etc. It had sat a while and was obviously a victim of old gas. I dropped the bike when I first got it, and obviously disturbed the gunk. I had to rebuild the carbs.

So... STOCK is 40, 70 and 132.5 jets. I have NO idea what was in there when I got it (the removed jets were not marked). But as a new rider, I thought it was riding OK. It was fouling spark plugs for sure though.

I chose to install 40, 70 and 137.5 jets. I also thought this was riding OK for a while, but it was still fouling plugs. This is when I observed the lack of power in WOT referenced in the post above. So I experimented with removing the airbox. It was an improvement, but not necessarily on WOT.

SO. I went a took out the factory airbox and put in some K&N Pods, RU-1750s to be exact. Now, the idle is great, the response to the throttle down low is smoother and faster, it's basically much easier to ride at low RPM (under 3500) and it sounds better. It's really responsive and sweet at 3000-5000 RPM, but then basically really loses all it's guts around 5-6k RPM. Especially under load. It also 'wavers' a little bit, like steady throttle goes up and down in power just a little bit, like you can't necessarily 'cruise'.
So basically, where it should be going from peak torque to peak HP its really wimpy. It doesn't lose anything, it just doesn't GAIN anything.

I am not convinced it's running lean, as the temperature is still very reasonable, the backfiring/popping is very minimal, the sparks don't turn up white or ashy or anything.

I guess, what's the first thing to try to tune the bike better? I am mainly looking at the main jet, wondering if it should be larger or smaller. I feel the pilot and the needle settings are fine, because it's really lovely from idle to 5000rpm. I hadn't considered this, but the main air jet is still at stock, ie 70... is that a problem with pods and full exhaust?
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