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I will travel 2 anywhere in southern california as long as you have what I need at a price that is fair.

I need 1 opener and 1 closer shim. Size doesn't matter, so long as there is no abnormal wear.

I would like to have them asap, bike parts scattered all over the garage. This 2 hour project turned out to be a 10 hour project that has halted... Help!!!! I put a dremel to my shims to try and get a fit without negative tolerance (i was handed the shims assuming they were correctly measured and i swapped mine out). My errror was that I failed to measure my original shims, only made note of the gap measurements, so when I was handed the new shims I had no idea if they were my old shims + gap to fill.... =( I had known that my originals were already lost amongst a drawer full of shims.

Tip for diy'fers: Always let them know that you want to confirm and compare your originals with the shims they find, and bring a measuring tool so you can check for yourself. Make note of All shim sizes plus the gaps, and also helpful to calculate the shims you need to get.
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