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Help! DP ecu on S4...

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Hello everyone...

Would really appreciate some insight on several issues:

I have a 2001 S4 with high-mount termi's & open airbox with DP filter. Later I went with the PC 3usb to get better throttle response & more performance. A custom map done here in Istanbul/Turkey by Dynojet (Probably the 7th or 8th bike, 1st Ducati ever...so I have some doubts on this as well but since they are the certified original...)

Recently I picked up a brand new DP ecu part number: 96506300B (the ecu for the cam + header + airfilter). When buying it I asked if it would work on the set-up of my bike. I was told it would...but most probably not run well. So I also picked up a ST4 header

Question is...without the header installed would the ecu run well? Havent had a chance to get it installed yet. Lets say it does...since the system is for full...also cams...would this be a problem for the standart cams I have...or do I need to change them as well?

Also once I have the headers as well would this credit the set-up a bit more? Finally I will need a re-mapping...could the new map sort out the running problems which I am presuming I will face?

Thanks in advance

Nervous Duc
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With proper tuning of the pc3 I can see no reason why you would need a dp ecu. The ecu essentially does the same thing as a pc3 but the ecu cannot be adjusted to add more or less fuel.
...with the DP ecu...I was told I would get an extra 1000rpm. This should make a difference...

But will the standart cams be effected in any way from the DP ecu which is programmed for the SPS cams?

Nervous Duc
The non-programmable DP part is 'tuned' to work with the other components of the kit. Without those parts you won't likely realize the full benefit of the ecu. The pc3 is programmable, cell by cell, to match your bike's configuration. You shouldn't need them both although having the pc3 while NOT having the rest of the DP kit you could get a custom mapping done to maximize what you've got. That'll cost you a good $250-350 though. Best of luck and let us know how it all works out.
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