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HELP!!! bike not starting

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I need some help....

i went to start up my bike today and it wouldn't start up. when the ignition is turned on, everything is as normal, fuel pump humming, guages starting up, then the check engine light stays on, the immobilizer flashes twice slowly then stays on, and that 's it. it won't start... any ideas? i changed tires today, but i can't see how that would affect anything..
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Sorry to mention it but ....is the engine cut out switch on the right bar - ON or Off?

(and dont ask me why I suggest this to you)
I had the same problem, its probably your battery, just get a battery tender and let it charge and then you should be in good shape.

Ducs have problems with sealed batteries, may just need a new one, but the charge will get you down to the dealer.
Good Luck
Make sure its not in gear with the kickstand down. Ive gotten confused by this a couple times when it doesnt start.
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