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Hi guys,
Just joined the group trying to scour info since I am seriously considering a 2006 Monster S2R 1000 within the next couple of weeks!! Yippeee...I hope????

So, it has about 40,000kms on it which scares me a little..I only have 13,000 on my Honda Shadow and I can probably only get $3-4 grand when I sell.

Asking price is $8 grand...what are some of the things I will need to know before deciding if this is a decent deal. Does 40,000kms make this in any way problematic? Although it has had it's last service (plugs, valve adjustment) what else may need replacing soon?

My Honda Shadow costs me virtually nothing to maintain but I know that a Ducati needs more time+money...but I don't want to want to be shocked if things need to be done that catch me offguard!

So fellow gurus...what say you...don't be shy!! :) Good deal?? Only if...?? Stay away??

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