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I had an Arai RENEGADE that was damaged by movers and was in need of replacement. They came and took my damaged helmet, and handed me $300 to replace it. Well you can't get an Arai for $300 unfortunatly, so I was searching high and low for something to replace it with. I ended up going to a shop that had just about every brand of helmet you could think of EXCEPT AGV. I came from an Arai Regade, and it was a good fit, so I guess I have an Arai head shape for refrence.

Below are my impressions of the helmets I tried on, and the order in which I did try them on. After I went through them all I went back and fit the helmets back to back to make my final decision.

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This helmet was probably the best fitting of the KBC, but it wasn't totally comfortable. The liner seemed ruogh on my forehead. I wore a large in this helmet, and it seemed to be a bit to large. The medium was uncomfortable because of the liner, it probably fit better than the large, but I couldn't imagine wearing it. The over-all quality didn't seem that "great" it was fine and all, but it felt kind of "cheap"

Racer - 1
This was the helmet I had been wanting to purchase. From evrything I read it was a great helmet, and a super deal for an under $300 helmet. While the helmet LOOKED good, it fit like crap. The large was to large, and the medium was to small. The liner seemed WORSE than the liner in the VR1. I was very disapointed this helmet didn't work out. The quality of this helmet was a bit better than the VR1, but it still felt a little bit cheap to me.

Spec 1R
Upon furst pickup of this helmet I was pretty excited about it's quality feel. It felt solid, and in general of a very good quality. These did not fit my head AT ALL, and again I seemed to need an in between size. Medium was FAR to tight, and the large was obviously to big. Unfortunate because I liked the look and feel of this helmet.

This helmet fit better on my head than the Spec 1R and in general I liked this helmet. The liner was of a much higher quality than the KBC's and even though it was a bit tight I'm sure it would have formed to my head and been a comfortable lid. In general terms I was impressed with both the Sumoy helmets I looked at.

When I put this helmet on I was shocked, the way it fit my head was OBVIOUSLY far supperior to any I had tried on up till that point. The helmet was comfortable and snug, and I could feel the padding "cup" my forehead in a nice comforatale manner. No helmet I had tried on up till that point gave me that feeling, however I hadn't realized what I was missing till I tried on one that actually fit. I could have purchased this helmet then and there and been totally happy, but I honestly didn't like the way it looked much.

RX7RR4 (?)
This helmet was out of my price range obviously, but I just wanted to try it on to see as compared to the others. When I threw this lid on I was instantly depressed. It fit SO MUCH better than any helmet I had tried on up till that point it was insane. I don't have to write here about the Arai quality we all know how good they are.

This helmet fit perfect as well. I could feel the padding ALL the way around and on top of my head. I was trying on a large, and it felt perfect. At the shop's request I tried on a medium and was greeted by an even more snug fit, and it was JUST as comfortable. The liner on the Arai is VERY VERY comfortable, and this is a GREAT looking helmet.

This is the helmet that I was told duplicates the fit of the Renegade I had. I threw on a medium and was greeted with an even better fit than the Signet. The same high quality feel, and cush liner was expected and was delivered

I was told this helmet is in between the Signet and the Quantum, and to be honest it didn't fit right at all. There was an obvious pressure point at the very front of my forehead.

The Purchase and final thoughts

In the end I purchased the Arai Quantum. Yeah it was out of my price range and all that. I liked the way the Signet looked better, but I couldn't justify spending even more than I already was about to just for looks. The bottom line is that once you try on an Arai you will know INSTANTLY if it's for you, and if it is you are kind of screwed because you can't ever go back to another brand. I really really wanted to like the KBC Racer-1 but it just totally let me down. IMO the KBC has a ways to go before it's in the same catagory as even the Sumoy. The Sumoy helmets were VERY nice, and had they fit me as well as the Shoei RF-900 perhaps I would have purchased one. The Shoei fit good, not AS good as the Arai, but in the end I just didn't like the looks.

A LOT of places had NICE sales on last years Arai helmets. I saw Quantums for $300, RX7RR4's for under $500, unfortunaly they never had my size. So if you think you can't afford an Arai call every shop in town to see what they have on sale. And I do recomend going to a shop to get your helmet. I would have never thought the MEDIUM was my size till I tried it on and noticed the solidity of the contact on my head. Because it's the perfect fit wind noise is down, and the helmet is more "transparent" to me.

I have always had a similar problem when puchasing a helmet. Large is too large, Medium too small. And then it happend. The Shoei X-11. Most manufacturers (including Shoei) use 3 shell sizes, and use different thickness padding to make the size differences. With the X-11, They use 5 shell sizes, yielding a much more consistant fit after break in. Even more surprising was the wind I can feel through my hair while riding!
Not $300 bucks, though. I think they list for about $600, Got mine for $450.
Glad you found one that fits, it's not always easy.
By the way, what was the name of the movers that I won't be using!?

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Awesome..I liked the X-11 but it was so far out of my price range I didn't try it on.

I used Allied..an the problem is that I told them my helmet was $304 which it was when I got it on the NET a few years go...can't do that now. I guess I should have done more research. It was Allied Van Lines btw.
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