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What a wonderful forum, I came across it this morning on Google whilst doing some research on Monsters as first time bikes. There are some good topics and constructive comments. I did notice a few references to the obvious fact that some people are more adaptable to riding bikes than others. I suppose there might be an advantage to learning from scratch with an instructor without having first messed around on bikes before. My approach will be to have lots of lessons and courses before the test/riding on the road.

I am quite excited to see how I will fare. I also have a passion for old cars (apologies!) that are all different to drive. Obviously quite unlike a bike but not like a modern car that is just start and go. I am also hoping that my old sport might help, I used to row and have good balance and coordination.

Anyway, at some point, I hope soon, I shall be considering which bike to buy. The advice of some members to buy a cheap "learner" makes sense, but regrettably where I live buying anything mechanical second hand is fraught with difficulties. There are few reliable dealers here. From my research to date it will probably be the 696 with ABS, if I am lucky I might be able to buy the local garage demonstrator.

Finally, is anyone out there based in Warsaw?
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