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Hi fellow members!

Today is a momentous occasion for me. I purchased my first Ducati... a 2001 750 Monster Dark off of ebay. I'm excited as hell to go and pick it up.

But heres the thing (and i'll probably post this on the tech portion of the forum in an hour or so)... So before the auction's end, i made sure to ask if the owner had all the keys to which he replied yes.

I won the auction, put a deposit down, and asked once more to double check that he had the "red key." (My cousin mentioned that this was important but didn't explain why... i know i should have done my own due dilligance but whats done is done). Anyway, the guy got back to me and said that he only has 2 black keys... no red key. He said that hes selling the bike for a friend of his who is the original owner and reports getting the bike from a ducati dealer in 2001 and never getting a red key.

Could this bike be pre-immobilizer? If so is the only way of telling by looking at the ignition switch and seeing if there is "a black guard around it."?

I've done some research here on the forum and that seems to be the info i could find.

Essentially... should i freak out? If it turns out to have an immobilizer is it not worth buying?

Is this red key business only on bikes with fuel injection?

Please help!! :)

Thanks all!
I'm really excited to fully join this club once i get my bike!!

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