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I've been lurking for a while, haven't really registered since this seems primarily an American forum. But some questions I have regarding my recent M1100s purchase have spurred me to join the forum. However, I'll introduce myself before getting into any of that.

My name is Roelf (it's considered a weird name even here in the Netherlands, but there you go) I live in Amsterdam. I first got my motorcycle license in 2005, so that's 5 seasons of riding now. I started out with a Monster 620 ('05 model), which I loved dearly, fitted it with some Sil Motor carbon pipes. It was great, but a little on the soft side for my riding style. December '08 I traded it in towards a 998, the bike of my dreams ever since I first saw the 916 somewhere in '94. It was a beautiful bike, insanely fast, but after a season and a half of riding, I came to the conclusion that it was absolute **** to drive. Probably great on a track, but on the open road... terrible. So I made an arrangement with my parents, who very happy to see the death trap go, and traded in the superbike for a Monster 1100s. I 'mounted' one in the showroom and man, felt like coming home. Testrides were great fun, and I managed to outpace my dad with ease (who was following on the 998). A couple of weeks later, after ordering the bike, it arrived and I picked it up just last week. It's got about 800km's on it. I even planned to go on vacation on it with my girlfriend who picked up her new Monster 796 on the same day.

Problem is, someone screwed up the thread that keeps the bolt/screw controlling the flow of oil to the clutch, this caused the 796 to lose quite a lot of oil when it reached proper temperatures. So we took that back this week. They told us that exchanging the part would require opening up pretty much the entire engine. Considering the fact that the bike was less than a week old, we thought this was unacceptable and at the very least, we expected a new engine. We're still waiting to see how Ducati's going to handle the matter, they're grudgingly promising to provide a new engine. But it's disappointing to see them handle such a problem this poorly. I mean, we bought two brand new Monsters. I'd think you'd want to keep such a customer happy. Meanwhile, some of the most beautiful summer weather's passing by with my girlfriend driving a Honda CB600F :-/.

As for my own bike, I'll save that for later. Here's a picture of me and my GF during the first few miles and happier days :p.

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