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HELD glove sale...

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really good deal on high end Held gloves... $160, down from $240

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These gloves are really good.

I have a pair of the Galaxy and the Krypton. Great protection, and really comfy gloves. I use the Kryptons as my race gloves. I snatched 'em up for $120 when newenough had their sale on Helds. The kryptons look like they have less protection than the galaxy, but they don't at all. They crash well (I've crashed tested both -- the Galaxies a coupla times). The Kryptons only needed some cosmetic stitching after a high speed slide.

And they are comfy, comfy, comfy.
+1. My helds are the best gloves I've ever owned. Probably won't buy anything else, ever... maybe some custom Kushitani in the distant future, but I can't say enought good things about these gloves. Killer price too.
I'm an 8 in the Helds which is considered a M. And generally I'm between a medium and a small (leaning strongly toward medium) in most other gloves.

newenough has a Held size chart: http://www.newenough.com/held_ninja_glove_page.htm
I love my Held gloves. I will suggest you buy them snug. They do stretch. My first pair were stuck to the grips when I crashed in a gravel trap Michigan.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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