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Rode from yardley to Port Jervis yesterday. it eas a bit chilly in the AM but got progressivly nicer and more mild as the day went on.

Hit all the nice Jersey roads on the way north 513, 519,521 and so forth, past hot do johnny's and into NY.

Rode 209 south thru the delaware water gap PA side on the way home which was great except for a few bumpy spots. when they say rough road ahead they dam well mean it in PA.

The hawks nest apparently burned down but i didn't know. i have never made it that far north before.

Almost no bikes out yesterday, i figured people would be more anxious to ride??

One yellow monster there so we stopped to chat for a minute.

There is supposed to be a great smoke pit BBQ place up there near some lake, i think a ride to investigat is in order. anyone up for that this summer??

Happy easter!

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We rode to the Pocono racetrack, I did a "try the track" day, very fun, going back on May 9th to the school and track day.

We rode home rt 209 at about 3:30 pm, that is a bumpy road. We got on the turnpike down around RT 78.

All in all a fun day!

If you find the smoke pit BBQ place we can plan a ride!!!
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