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I seem to be smiling a lot more these days, hummm wonder why lol.... I finally bought my M800s last week 8-12-03 Clearcoat black, Just looks awsome... Bought it in San Fransico at Munroe Motors, even though I live in the Sacramento area. I also replaced the stock mirrors that I purchased at Motostrano, which was a bit of a pain, took me two days to properly mount them.

I'am sure I'am not the first of the last person to actully go out of town to buy their motorcycle, even though there is a Ducati Dealer very close to my area... Reason being the Ducati Dealer near me never had the answers to any of my questions about the M800. Scary to think I'd go buy one there for the fact that I called in a day after I had the mirror backet broken while installing my new mirrors and the guy didn't even know where or how to order it... Also went into that dealer to buy some cans and the same story, didn't have the right catalog.... I called them for the fact that they were 30 mins away rather then around 75-80 mins away... Good to stay with the dealer you bought your bike at... With No problems the parts guy told me yeah we have that part in... For 1/2 the price that the other dealer wanted and it wasn't going to take me 2 weeks to a month like the other guy at the other dealer said it would.
With the mirrors installed and everything else fine I'am one pleased and happy dad of a new Ducati M800s.

One question I ask around and get different answers is what do u use to clean/ wash your bike with? For the plastic I've been recomended a few different products I believe I have some stuff called Plexus for the plastic areas... how about for the metal tank and other parts? Thank you

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I've been very pleased with Munroe Motors as well. I didn't buy my Monster there, but I have been there numerous times. I recently had Munroe install my Yoyodyne slave after I found out that my local dealer (where I bought my Monster) wanted to charge me 1.5 hours for the job - Munroe only charged me half an hour for the same job, and no appointment needed. Needless to say I will be going to them for service from now on.
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