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Has the service been done?

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I'm not finding any records anywhere of my bike having 18k or even 12k service. It has about 20K on it right now.

Assuming the worst case scenario - that the guy who sold me his bike was lying through his teeth and these two major service points never took place - are there obvious (or even not-so-obvious) signs that could confirm this? Should my engine be running like a smelly pile of dog excrement? Or would it be something that slowly wears my engine down to the point that it finally suffers an early, painful death?

It seems to run fine despite the charging problem I might still be having. It's finnicky in the lower RPMs, but this is to be expected of a monster, right? I have yet to do an accurate MPG check, but I'll do it next time I fill up. It seemed to be a little low last time I filled up, but again I didn't make note of any empirical figures.
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If you don't know do a 12K service. An old timing belt can break at any time, minimum damage bent valves. Tight valves can cause problems too. Don't forget the brake fluid.
Well if the person dose not have the receipts then assume the service has not been done. Those receipts are something most people keep. You could always call the shop the guy "had it serviced" ad. my shop keeps records on all the bikes they service. There can cross reference the vins against services done.

If he did the service's himself he should have a log. I keep a log of all of my oil changes and other stuff I have done to my bike. When and if I decided to check/change my valves All of those measurements and adjustments would be recorded for future reference.
Hmm, so I guess theres no way of just checking the valves without getting in there to the point where you might as well adjust it anyway?
Adjusting the valves takes a good bit more effort than checking them. If the clearances are good there is no need to adjust them.
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