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I guess it's a matter of you can't please everyone, all the time ... or it's simply a covid moment, delayed by a few years.
Would be interested in any further negative feedback re work carried out or commissioned by Bevan Coleman/ Eurotwins.
So some proportional history and feedback for all Duc owners to soak up.
Nothing untoward intended, simply stating facts.
4.01.2021. After years of chasing this 'bloke' ... Bevan Coleman (& yes we know where he lives) ... to do the right thing, he responds with, quote, "We recommend you get in touch with Gary from RBM Racing"....."we are a bit overwhelmed".
Epic fail given we've been recommending him for over 10 years.
All in all ...
1. Shoddy itemized invoice. Parts & labour only. Will not supply Dyno stats which he reckons he spent four hours or so trouble shooting.
2. We supplied new parts, we would have appreciated the OEM parts back that he took off given the $738 we spent was a total failure (the problem still existed after he had a go at it twice ... and charged us twice)
3. Charged twice for spark plugs ! OEM coil, plugs X 4, plug caps X 2 not returned.
4. Most expensive oil change ever and they didn't replace the filter ?
All this while my mother as dying mind you (& they were aware of it) ... my partner handled the real time stuff.
Then we try and put all that behind us, forgive and forget so to speak, and book the second bike in with them for some maintenance (getting to the stage where these bones and back won't do what I tell them). Bevan says "your in the diary", that was back in Feb 2020, remind him via email in March ..nothing. Waiting waiting thinking he's simply busy, telephoned, then in Dec 2020 we get "Sorry for everything" &
"Merry ****ing christmas
Ph: 3852 5507
41 Allison St, Bowen Hills, Qld 4006"
errr hello.
If he'd have said he couldn't do the job all he had to say was that he couldn't do it !! All three times. Feel ripped off entirely & we're not the type who will take matters further, we will however, given the 60 or so years of riding on most continents, 30 of which being in the industry in some shape or form, we will speak our mind.
We go way back to Stan Baker, Kieth Coleman, Brunswick Motorcycles (Leon) & Forecycles Engineeing in Cope St Redfern era, them days of genuine goodwill and m/c camaraderie. Rider Training Developement (NSW & O.S.), Track days and m/c touring companies before they were touring companies.
Buyer beware is all we can say. An honest response by the owners of this family partnership, namely B.J COLEMAN & M.M COLEMAN trading as Eurotwins (in Brisbane), ABN # 60056764667, would be welcome.
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