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Happy Holidays to all

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;D I have only been to one rhodeside and saw some of you at the show at colemans. Unfortunately my job has sent me abroad for a couple months, so no playing with my new toy or hanging out. Best holiday wishes to all

PS lotsa of monsters here though (Madrid, Spain)
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HAppy Holidays as well...

Where are the spain photos? ::)
Happy holidays to everyone.

+1 on Spain/bike pics [thumbsup]
happy Hannuchristmakwanzakahmas Yulefestivasolstice everyone!....I think I got em all covered!...LOL....

another +1 on pics of Spain babes for the butts and boobies threads!
Happy Holidays.

If you need someone to take your Monster out while you're gone, let me know..
Got some pics this weekend at the Motopolitan, there is a shop locally called Radical Ducati had some nice bikes. The Local official Ducati Shop gave me the normall Cold shoulder once they found out which side of the pond I am from. Will work on more cultural type of photos [thumbsup]
Let us know if you see any cool Monster parts, and Happy Holidays to you to - Gene
Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays to all. I look forward to our meet ups and group rides in the New Year.

While we await Madrid / bike pix from Trendenoche, I thought you might enjoy some I took in Barcelona earlier this year (06).



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Nice pics Tony...the scooters are alright, but the blonde one looks very interesting ;D
I am heading back home (Uruguay) tomorrow Saturday. I wont be back until mid January. I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and I hope that we get back together soon....we have to ride again, and Ducati Culture, we have to go to Adams Morgan to hang out with the bikes when it gets warmer.
Tony...can you tell me one more time about the exhaust work? I have been looking around but I cannot see it. Thanks.
Take care everyone.
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