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What else are you getting rid of in the moving sale?
some really groovy furniture...Ligne Roset chair, Maybe the Herman Miller chairs, Stainless oak table....Voge couch.....Room and Board glass top desks.....

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I've got 2 monster fenders - one red one yellow - both the 'older' style (different mount than on my ol 02 m900). I also have 1 complete airbox, 1 seat and 1 flywheel. I have not taken the seat out of the box yet - bought it off of ebay -I planned to chop it up. The flywheel is unmolested - send it off to BCM, have them lighten it and you can keep yours if you dont like it. The fenders look to be in good shape.

All of these items are stock. If any of you want anything, let me know. Otherwise it's off to ebay they go!
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