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Handlebar clamp measurement request

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A request to you Monster owners in this range: 600-620-695-750-800-900-1000/S-MS2RDark
Can I get someone to do a quick measurement on their handlebar clamp? I'm interested in the center-to-center measurement (mm preferred but...) between points A and B in the picture below.

Really appreciate it... thx!


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2000 900, centers measure 80mm.
Ddan said:
2000 900, centers measure 80mm.

that's the width, looks to be about 33mm
as per yr. diagram (red arrow to red arrow) exactly 40mm on an '06 s26.

so is the total dim 40mmx80mm?

that might end up saving me some time ;D
ah... great... thx for that!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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